BioMaster HS-Taq PCR (2×)

2× reaction mix containing Hot-Start Taq DNA polymerase for End-Point PCR
  • Hot-start PCR
  • High-throughput PCR
  • Conventional PCR with high reproducibility
  • Generation of PCR products for TA cloning
  • RT-PCR (two-step method)

Basic description

BioMaster HS-Taq PCR (2×) kit includes 2× BioMaster HS-Taq PCR reaction mix, 50 mM MgCl2 and sterile water. The kit has been developed for PCR analysis of a large number of samples. BioMaster HS-Taq PCR (2×) reaction mix contains all components (except for DNA template and primers) needed for a PCR reaction: highly processive recombinant HS-Taq DNA polymerase, deoxynucleoside triphosphate mixture, 2× PCR buffer and Mg2+.

The mix is optimized for performing efficient and reproducible hot-start PCR. The master mix contains additional components increasing the half-life and processivity of HS-Taq DNA polymerase by enhancing its stability during PCR. BioMaster HS-Taq PCR (2×) reaction mix is chemically stable, inert and does not interfere with optimal annealing temperature or the parameters of template melting. DNA polymerase included in the kit is inactive at room temperature and requires preheating at 95 °C for 5 min. Additional MgCl2 solution allows easy optimization of the reaction mix for each individual primer/template system. Use of the kit helps saving experimental time and minimizes contamination risk due to reduced number of pipetting steps.

Areas of use

  • Classic PCR with "hot" start
  • Development of PCR products for TA cloning
  • RT-PCR one- and two-step

Reaction mixture properties

The mix is optimized for specific performance of HS-Taq DNA polymerase, long-term storage (the storage of BioMaster HS-Taq PCR (2×) at room temperature for 30 days does not affect PCR efficiency), multiple thawing-freezing cycles

Benefits of using

  • Hot-start enzyme increases specificity, sensitivity and reaction yield
  • HS-Taq DNA polymerase activation requires 5 min heating
  • Reduced preparation time
  • Low chance of contamination during preparation of PCR solution
  • Standardized conditions of the same-type reactions (reduced pipetting error during mixing PCR components from experiment to experiment)
  • PCR products can be further subjected to TA cloning due to the presence of deoxyadenosine overhangs in amplified DNA


1 year (under proper storage and transportation conditions).


at -20 °С; not more than 50 thawing-freezing cycles.

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