M-MuLV–RH First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

reaction kit for synthesis of first strand cDNA from a wide range of RNA templates.
  • First strand cDNA synthesis for RT-PCR and qRT-PCR
  • cDNA synthesis for cloning
  • Generation of labeled cDNA probes for microarrays
  • DNA labeling
  • RNA analysis by primer extension

Basic description

M-MuLV–RH Reverse Transcription Kit is a complete system for efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from mRNA or total RNA templates. M-MuLV–RH enzyme is a genetically modified reverse transcriptase (revertase) from murine leukemia virus (M-MuLV) that is different from wild-type M-MuLV in structure, catalytic features and temperature optimum of activity. The enzyme possesses RNA- and DNA-dependent polymerase activity but lacks RNase H activity. Temperature optimum for M-MuLV-RH activity is 42°C (the enzyme remains active at temperatures up to 50 °C). The enzyme is able to synthesize first strand cDNA up to 9 kb and incorporate modified bases.
The kit contains two types of buffers based on KCl and (NH4)2SO4 solutions optimized for efficient reaction of reverse transcription from any RNA template, including ones containing regions of particular complexity (highly structured or GC-rich).

Oligo(dT)16 primer and random hexaprimer included in the kit allow more targeted approach for the study of any RNA type or region by reverse transcription. Random hexaprimer non-specifically binds to RNA template and is used for cDNA synthesis from any RNA type contained in total RNA. Oligo(dT)16 primer selectively anneals to the 3'-poly(A)-termini of RNA enabling cDNA synthesis only from mRNA containing a poly(A)-end.

Areas of use

  • CDNA synthesis for cloning
  • Classic PCR with "hot" start
  • DNA tagging
  • Preparation of labeled cDNA probes for microarrays

Reaction mixture properties

  • Synthesis of complementary DNA strand from RNA template (RNA-dependent DNA polymerase)
  • Lacks RNase H activity
  • Allows to obtain long cDNA fragments up to 9 kb
  • Provides high yield of cDNA: the use of 100 U of enzyme per 1 µg of RNA provides not less than 100 ng of first strand cDNA
  • Improved thermostability

Benefits of using


1 year (under proper storage and transportation conditions).


at -20 °С; not more than 50 thawing-freezing cycles.

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