DNA isolation kit for Isolation of genomic DNA from cells, tissues, blood

Kit components


50 preps


250 preps

Lysis buffer LB

40 ml

2x100 ml

Wash buffer WB1


2x70 ml

Wash buffer WB2


6 ml

2x14 ml

Elution buffer EB

2x5 ml

50 ml

Collection tubes and spin columns

50 pcs

250 pcs


Equipment and Reagents to be Supplied by User

Microcentrifuge with rotor for 1.5 ml tubes, speed 10000 rcf

1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes

Ethanol, 96-100%

Basic description


We are constantly improving the protocol for the kit. Please use the protocol provided with the product.

Updated March 2022


The kit is designed for isolation and purification of genomic DNA from animal cell cultures, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, animal and plant tissues, blood. The method of DNA isolation is based on the selective binding of nucleic acids from a lysed sample on a silica-gel membrane, followed by washing and the elution of the purified sample. It is possible to isolate up to 30-50 μg of DNA.

The isolated DNA can be used for PCR, nick-translation, and other genetic engineering applications.

Safety Information

CAUTION! When working with chemicals, always wear a suitable lab coat, disposable gloves, and protective goggles. You must follow the rules of general and personal safety when working with the kit. Lysis LB and wash WB1 buffers contain guanidine thiocyanate solution, which is irritating and toxic. Buffers are toxic in contact with skin and insides, causing burns.

In case of a contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and detergents. Visit a doctor if necessary.

Areas of use

  • Isolation of RNA, DNA and Proteins

Benefits of using


All components of the kit can be stored at room temperature (15-25 °C) for up to 12 months.


All components of the kit are shipped at room temperature.

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