Timofeeva M.M., Laboratory of Molecular Virology, N.N. A. A. Smorodintseva
3 июня 2020

We use a kit for the isolation of RNA from a smear / scraping of epithelial cells on columns. This set is convenient for the operator, with a small amount of work we see an excellent result. We are very glad to cooperate with Biolabmix, we are always looking forward to new batches of the kit! Special thanks for the speed of delivery and the cost of the kits, given the current realities, you are simply out of competition!

Kochetkova A.S
23 января 2020

For more than one year, we have been actively using the BioMaster RT-PCR SYBR Blue (2x) Product in the laboratory for working with Real-Time PCR on the LightCycler96 device. Very convenient, greatly simplifies and speeds up the work, thank you! The mixture is really well optimized, at least we tested it in different experiments with biological material from several organisms, everything was in order. The reproducibility of experiments is excellent. So we will continue to use the product.

Thanks for your feedback! We wish you success in your work!

Andrey Kuznetsov
8 августа 2019

Good day! Compared yours and Eurogen mixes for RT-PCR using a one-step method. Evrogen's OneTube Sybr performed better than your SYBR Blue BioMaster. If we can improve the quality, it can be compared again. Good luck!

Good day, Andrey!
Thank you for your feedback. Would you like to clarify with which set you compared? You mentioned the name BioMaster SYBR Blue in your review, which is used in real-time PCR with SYBR GREEN I and is not suitable for performing RT-PCR with a one-step method. The Biomaster RT-PCR-SYBR BLUE (2X) is suitable for this purpose. Our RT-PCR kits and the reverse transcriptase enzyme itself are one of the order leaders, which indicates the demand for this kit and the enzyme. Our experts are ready to talk with you in more detail in order to understand the possible reasons for the unsatisfactory result, if you simply wrote the name of the set incorrectly in the review. Please write a complaint to svt@biolabmix.ru in more detail, indicating feedback from you.

A. V. Kulikov
6 марта 2019

We have been using the R01-250 kit for cDNA synthesis for a total of about a year. It is well optimized and with a sufficient amount of good quality RNA gives reproducible and good results, significantly increases the yield of cDNA and reduces labor costs. The R01-250 is as good as the Thermo Fisher Scientific kit, but significantly more cost effective and shipped quickly.

Thank you for your feedback and are proud that you have compared our OT-M-MuLV-RH primer kit with the products of the world leader Thermo Fisher!

Tveleneva Alexandra
30 октября 2018

For some time now we have been ordering from you a set of Biomaster LR HS-PCR, the products of which we use to prepare FISH probes. I would like to note some points:
1. The declared length (up to 15 kbw with genomic DNA) really corresponds to what is possible to obtain. This is very important for us, because together with your kit we tested a kit for amplification of long fragments from another company, where the declared length is not remained true even after the introduction of a large number of modifications. Therefore, we decided to stop at your set.
2. To prepare probes for two loci, we use 6 amplification products, 10 kbp each, obtained by the Biomaster LR HS-PCR kit, of which, in most cases, 4 pass immediately on a standard three-step amplification program, and to the rest we apply a number of modifications , which ultimately allows you to achieve the desired result. However, we have not been able to get a product from one locus, but we do not give up hope and are working on it). The products are quite clean, without nonspecific. In order not to be unfounded, in the attached documents the results obtained by us using your set.
3. I would also like to note the presence of detailed recommendations that are spelled out in the product information. In general, we are satisfied with this set.

Thank you and your team!


Ivanov I. D.
26 октября 2018

I have been using the kits for 2 years. Usually BioMaster HS-qPCR SYBR Blue (2x). I am very pleased. Compared with Eurogen, it works much better for biolabmix and is more convenient to use.

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