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Can you please tell Is the kit for the isolation of total RNA and microRNA of cells and tissues (catalog number LRU-100-50) suitable for the isolation of ultrapure RNA?

It is difficult to say whether the isolated RNA is ultrapure. The isolated RNA can be used for RT-PCR, Northern blotting and other tasks. We can send a trial kit if needed.

What is ultrapure RNA for? If we knew the problem, it would be easier to answer whether our set is suitable for such purposes.

As I understand it, the volume is 100 ml, but how long is it enough, is it possible to reuse it? That is, each sample should be soaked in a separate volume, or is it possible to soak everything in one in turn? How long should the sample be kept in solution? Or did I get it all wrong?

For storage in the RNA stabilizer, cut the tissue into small fragments less than 0.5 mm thick. Add the reagent at least 10-fold excess, per 1 mg of tissue - 10 μl of RNA stabilizer, while the reagent should completely cover the sample. Incubate for 24 hours at +4 degrees, after which, for long-term storage, samples can be placed at −20 or −70 degrees.

At +4 degrees, the integrity of the RNA is maintained for at least a month. You can put as many pieces of tissue as you like in one tube with a reagent, the main thing is to observe the above conditions, while it is better to increase the volume of the reagent. Reagent reuse was not tested.

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